How To Invest
in the
Madison Real Estate Market
And Flip Madison Area Houses

You’ve seen it on HGTV, A&E, and elsewhere.
How hard can it be?

Here is some plain and simple talk about investing
in the real estate market in South Central Wisconsin

Learn to Flip Madison Area Houses

The Madison Real Estate Investors Association
2809 Fish Hatchery Road
Fitchburg, WI 53713

The Madison Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) is a community of local investors, rehabbers, wholesalers, REALTORs, attorneys, accountants, landlords, contractors, and others involved in real estate.

Our ranks include people whose occupation is not real estate.  There are doctors, engineers, I.T. professionals, machinists, auto mechanics, secretaries, state employees, and other professions represented; people who are looking to create financial wealth and independence.

Collectively, our members have purchased, sold, or control more than $150 million in real estate investments, and currently have hundreds of residential and commercial units under management.

Why We Are Publishing This Information

Every month, new people show up at our door wanting to network with other investors to learn how to invest in real estate. That’s great, it’s one of the core reasons that our association exists.

Some are paying tens of thousands of dollars to “gurus” who fly in and hold court at the Sheraton or elsewhere.  They push their “coaching” program in which one of the tasks is to find a local REIA for support and assistance.

Support and assistance is also great – it’s another reason for our association, and the “gurus” know how well it works.  And if you’re successful because of the REIA, guess who takes the credit?

People are spending a lot of money and are not being given a realistic view of how our local market works.  We feel that it’s time to set the record straight about real estate investing in South Central Wisconsin.

What’s Going On Out There?

After the real estate crash of 2008, self-proclaimed master investors or “gurus” have sprung up like weeds, preaching that they have the ultimate answer to all our financial woes in their training and coaching programs.

If you haven’t heard from these folks yet, you will.  If you want to flip Madison area houses and register on a website or get your contact information out there, it’s only a matter of time.

You may also hear ads on Madison radio, TV or billboards.  Weeks before the entourage shows up to recruit, ads start rolling and you’ll be invited to register for a lunchtime or evening event.

Many of these “gurus” actually add to the financial woes of people who hand over their life savings for “courses” and “coaching” that purport to “reveal the secrets” to earning unlimited income in this business.

I attended a noontime meeting for Xxxxxx Xxxxx and was really excited about what they had to say.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I spent just over $25,000 on their training program on the promise of earning that back on the first deal.

The videos and books all seem really great, but it’s really hard to get started all by myself.  My coach/mentor is somewhere in California, and I get only a limited amount of time per month with her.

I didn’t feel any accountability and I didn’t get any solid direction for the Madison area market.  In over a year, I didn’t do a single deal, but somehow ‘qualified’ to step up to the advanced level of coaching with them – for another $47,000.  No, thank you.

After being in the Madison REIA for about 8 months, I connected with the right people and got some real hand-holding.  I got to actually visit properties, evaluate the condition of the house, see how to make repair calculations, and do deals.  Now I flip Madison area houses.

After doing a couple of real deals, I’m now on my way to paying down the debt that I got when I signed up for the training program from the gurus.  If I could save someone else from that burden, I sure would.

– Brad, Madison

Those returns rarely materialize.

How do we know this?  Many of our members, including the founder and president of the REIA, have purchased at least one of these programs and afterwards discovered that national gurus know little about local markets.

Not all gurus are misleading.  There are national speakers with really great investment information and solid programs that can help highly motivated individuals continue to build their existing real estate business.

Regrettably, many simply up-sell people into more and more expensive coaching and training programs, without providing any real value in the things they sell in the first place.  And none offer a guarantee that you’ll actually flip Madison area houses.

Investing is not about content, it’s about presence.  Even the gurus will tell you to go find your local REIA for support.  Why?  Because they know that 97% of people need local accountability, mentoring and hand-holding.

A national T.V. host may not be the answer.  Someone who has rehabbed or flipped houses then purchases time on HGTV for their own TV show may not be the best investor coach, and certainly not locally knowledgeable.

Some gurus practice unethical tactics.  Under the guise of practicing their negotiation skills, people are told to call their credit card companies and get huge credit limit increases. Later, the gurus pitch a higher cost program and now the person has “room” to pay for it.

There is no shortage of great real estate investing education and one could, if they had the determination and time, find information on the internet that could help create a real estate investing business to flip Madison area houses.

Only 3-5% of those that try doing it this way will actually succeed.

What You Can Do

We know you are intrigued by real estate investing, and you believe that it can create great income for your family. You are right, but how do you learn what you need without being subject to misleading tactics and up-sells?

Here are a few things that you can do to carefully ease into this profession, garnering all the knowledge that you need, and getting the local support that will have you doing this work in and around South Central Wisconsin:

  1. Do your research.  Use the internet to check out the guru shows. See what others are saying about their long-term successes or lack thereof.
  2. Talk with like-minded people.  Networking is the key to working in the local market.  Talk with people already doing what you want to do.
  3. Think local, act local.  There are no gurus with operations near Madison.  Find people doing what you want to do here in the Madison area.
  4. Protect your assets.  You do not need to spend your life savings, exhaust the kids’ college fund, or max out your credit cards to learn how to do it.

We can prepare you for attending one of the national guru presentations that will be coming to Madison this year.

We can hook you up with local people that are doing what you want to do – talk with them, find out what they do and how to do it.

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